Sunday, 27 May 2007

Knitting in the Dark

Today my husband, step-son (age 13) and I went to see "Shrek the Third" I took the toe-up sock I'm knitting and got about 4 cm (1.5") done on the foot in the dark. Every time I do a new pair of socks I try to do or learn something different. These are my first 'toe-up' socks. I also recently learned how to knit on 1 long circular needle (Magic Loop method). I'm using Sockotta cotton/wool/nylon yarn Color 5 which I bought last weekend on a foray to Erie, PA for our Victoria Day weekend.

I'm also knitting a bathmat using a modified 'garterlac' pattern. I'm using sunny yellow cotton yarn and am doing 4 16-stitch squares rather than the 3 8-stitch squares. It's a 1 lb. skein so will be doing most of the knitting at home and saving socks for knitting away from home.


  1. Hi Geri! I'm first to respond on your blog! (Shows you how exciting my weekend has been if I'm getting excited about that ... ! LOL)

    What are 'toe up' socks? (I think that's what you called it.)

  2. A toe-up sock is one that is knit from the toe up to the cuff, rather than the cuff to the toe.

    Thanks for responding!