Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Well today the temperature has dropped. We got some rain - enough to be annoying. Hopefully it was enough to give everything a good soak.

More progress is being made on the bathmat:

And this is how far I've progressed on the second sock.
It's bizarre, when I took the picture, I now realize how different the second sock is. The first sock has waves of red/yellow and green/blue. The second sock is the exact same yarn but the waves are red/blue and green/yellow.
My basic knowledge of mixing primary colours tells me the first sock is orangeish and aqua and the second sock is more purple and greenish yellow. They really don't look like they match at all. Maybe THAT'S why the yarn was on sale? Ha ha.

I'm trying to work on cleaning up and clearing out my office at work. I want to have everything ready for the new person on June 29 when I walk out of there for the last time.

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