Friday, 15 June 2007

Colour Dilemma

I took a picture of the Sockotta socks last weekend and noticed a significant difference in the colour between them. I finally figured out today what happened... I was knitting the second sock two stitches larger and it was skewing the colour pattern completely. So, yep, you guess it, I frogged the sock back to about an inch from the toe and am knitting it again. I will also frog the bathmat and make it bigger as well. It's nice now but it is significantly smaller and I have scads of yarn - certainly plenty enough to make it big enough.

I got the buttons on the two bibs I knit for my colleague and got them to her today, her last day before her maternity leave.

It has been a busy week at work. We interviewed 4 people for my job on Tuesday and another one today. The successful candidate has been contacted and has already been over to the school. I have a lot of purging to do before I leave, that's for sure.

Yesterday, Skip and I bought chairs for the deck/gazebo at Canadian Tire. We still have to get the table. They were out of stock at the store where we bought the chairs so we'll go to a different one tomorrow and get it home.

Father's Day this year we'll break tradition and not attend the Fiesta Parade. We've attended it almost every year as it kicks off Fiesta, the multicultural festival held in Oshawa every year. Skip and I enjoy sampling foods of different nations and seeing the folk dancing at each pavilion. For us, Fiesta is the exciting beginning to our summer. It has always marked the near-ending of school.

And now I have 10 more work days left and only 2 more days with my students. Wow!

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