Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ending a Big Chapter

I am nearing the end of my last days at work before I retire. Things have been extremely busy since my last post but thankfully, I've been able to get everything important done, including enjoying the festivites surrounding my retirement. I have received many wonderful and generous gifts. I realized two days ago that I'm just not going to be able to get my office cleaned out by the end of this week so have accepted that I will just have to come back the 2nd week of July to finish that.

Tonight is Commencement. Thankfully the temperature has dropped and the chiller is still working. In fact, it's working better this year than it has in my 18 years here even though the HVAC system is scheduled for complete replacement.

I finished the sweater for my colleague's daughter and she is pleased with it. I am back to knitting Shingo's Austermann Step socks with the flaw in the yarn striping. Next project will likely be frogging the bathmat and re-knitting it to larger dimensions - 4 16-stitch squares by 6 16-stitch squares. I cleverly misplaced the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I bought in Pennsylvania in May so will have to comb the house for it. I'm also itching to start the Regia Canadiana socks. I may try to knit them continental style. I need to do some practicing first...

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