Saturday, 2 June 2007

My Favourite Day

I headed into Toronto today to spend the last of my music program money for the year. It was my last time doing this task. I was in a bit of a quandry about what to get because the person taking over my job will have different preferences for resources for our students. So I decided to get a bunch of equipment and supplies and only one piece of sheet music - "The Pink Panther", which the students will like.

After that we went to the Tilley store so Skip (my husband) could get a free replacement hat as his 30+ year old one was worn out. Whilst there, I spied a lovely hemp hat which Skip said looked very fetching on me so, of course, I had to buy it. I think it makes me look like Anne of Green Gables minus the red hair. We lunched at Mongolian Grill just around the corner.

On the knitting front, the bath mat is looking quite nice and is about 1/3 done.

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