Tuesday, 19 June 2007

My Last Teaching Day

Today was our last day of classes. At our school the semester always ends with a whimper. We have two days of in-class exams and then formal exams after that. My guitar students wrote their theory exam yesterday. I finished marking them today when my Gr. 9s were writing their exam. I marked the Gr. 9 exams when the seniors were writing theirs. At the end of my last class, one student hung back to thank me and gave me her usual end-of-the-semester thank you letter. It was at that point I knew I was going to cry. Then after school, another very special student stayed to meet the fellow who will be replacing me. I gave the student (who aspires to be a high school music teacher) my instrumental fingering book - the one we all went out and bought when we were learning how to be instrumental music teachers. Again, I almost started to cry. I have been advised to wear waterproof mascara next Monday at my party.

Skip and I went to the Hungarian pavilion for dinner this evening - goulash and a cabbage roll. We then went to the Acropolis (Greek) pavilion for dessert. Last night I had a galaktoboureko and tonight I had baklava. I even inspired a young man across the table from me to have a baklava.

Tomorrow I'm supervising an exam and then meeting Skip at the German pavilion (Club Lorelei) for a schnitzel lunch.

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