Sunday, 17 June 2007

Todd's Socks

I got Todd's socks finished and a picture taken of them. Every time I go to do a Kitchener stitch (grafted) toe, I have to look up how to do it (half way down the page in 'Finishing').

If you look carefully, you will see that from the turquoise band at the ankle to the toe, the stripes match perfectly. It's just from the ankle up that they don't match very well. Most people wouldn't notice but it still bugs me that the yarn had so many breaks in it.

I'm almost finished the sweater for my colleague's daughter. I have the neckband done and the buttonhole band finished. I just have to do the button band and weave in about eleventy-three ends of yarn. I'm not going to buy the buttons or put them on it. I'll let the little girl's mother do that. I can probably get the knitting done this evening. It's a chunky, soft acrylic (ugh) so it knits pretty fast, thank goodness.

This evening, Skip and I went to a Polish hall to pick up dinner: shish kebab and pierogies. We would have had cabbage rolls but they were out of them. Next week is Fiesta in Oshawa and we hope to visit a different pavilion each evening for dinner. Tomorrow night we'll be eating Greek food. I'm going to try to get my guitar exams marked tomorrow evening and get my marks done. Then I'll be ready for my Gr.9 and senior theory exams on Tuesday.

My sister is coming next weekend. We'll hit a couple of yarn shops in the east end and up in Markham. Saturday night we'll go to either the Polish pavilion or a Ukrainian pavilion for dinner and to see their dancers perform. Mark is coming on Monday from Minnesota for my retirement party. Former students Chris and Alexa will also be there as well as Lorna and some retirees I haven't seen in a while. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Today's weather was perfect. from 78F - 81F in the shade. I'm really glad we got the gazebo up and have bought the new deck furniture. We're all set for summer now.

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