Saturday, 9 June 2007

A Very Nice Day

Skip and I picked up Scooter (my 13 year-old step-son) from music camp today. It was a lovely drive and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing his concert. We stopped off for 'real' food (non-camp food) on the way home. Skip took a nap when we got home, Scooter headed for the computer and I knitted - determined to finish two projects today.

First, I finished sewing in the ends of the Mason-Dixon bib. I want to add a little patch for decoration to it an the green one I finished and get decorative buttons.

Then I began to do the last row of triangles on the 'garterlac' bathmat and realized I had MADE IT TOO LONG!!! So I frogged it back to the desired length and finished the last triangles. The skein I had bought had 400 grams. Early on, I had made the bathmat one square wider and frogged it because I didn't think I'd have enough yarn. Well after I finished it this evening, I weighed it and it was only 180 grams. So I have LOTS of yellow cotton yarn left over - but not enough to make another bathmat as I had used some of the yarn from that skein on the baby bib.

I am glad to have those two projects done because I must get back to knitting the sweater for my colleague's daughter. I'm thinking of frogging some of it and fixing a mistake. The pattern calls for me to carry the fuschia yarn behind the white. I decided to knit the fuschia parts with intarsia so need to cut yarn and wind it into balls. Once that is done, the rest of the cardigan should go quickly. I was concerned about knitting the button bands but now that I've done the garterlac bathmat, I have a lot more confidence in my ablility to pick up and knit stitches on the side of the fronts to make the button band.

After that? I hope to finish the two pairs of socks for Todd and Shingo from Japan whom we are going to be visiting after the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair in September. Those are the socks where I had 'issues' with the yarn - stripes not matching due to flaws in the yarn.

And my 'quote of the day' (a new feature on my blog): "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." --Albert Einstein

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