Friday, 27 July 2007


We arrived home today and the neighbour who has been taking care of Ollie and the caterpillars (sounds like a rock band name from the 60s) came hobbling across the street (he has a cast on one foot) to tell us two of them pupated while we were gone. Chewy #1 (or its chrysalis) is attached to the top of the jar near the neck and Chewy #2 was attached to what was left of a leaf. Apparently Chewy#3 who is still a caterpillar ate around the leaf of Chewy #2. I attached Chewy #2 to the top of the 'pupation stick' (my term) with a staple so he'd be hanging and not lying on the bottom of the jar amid the poop. I expect Chewy #3 to make its chrysalis any day now. At least when the big guys are in chrysalis form, there won't be any more pooping.

When I was cleaning out the jar, I noticed we have another little caterpillar! It must have hatched from one of the eggs that was on a leaf being fed to the others. So here we go again.

We had a good drive back from Buffalo today although there was some drizzle from St. Catharines to Grimsby. We got home by 2pm. I got 3 loads of our laundry done and got take-out fish and chips for supper. We've eaten so much chicken this past week.

I'm home until Sunday evening then I'm off to Lorna's for our trip to visit Francey. Francey's two kids go to school at the University of Missouri. They realized buying a house for the kids to live in while there would be cheaper than paying residence fees for the two of them for 4 years. So we're flying to Kansas City, MO and renting a car to drive to Columbia, MO to meet Francey. The next day we're driving to St. Louis to meet Francey's husband, Rich, who will be flying in from California where he has been fighting forest fires. We will drop the golf clubs off with Rich and their younger son, Andrew so the boys will cavort in St. Louis and us girls will play in St. Louis for a day or two then go back to Columbia to the kids' house to goof off some more. One thing I'd like to do is go see the movie, "Hairspray".

I'm scouring the Internet for 'cat's paw' patterns for socks. I think I'll be designing them myself because I haven't found exactly what I want. I have found lots of lace patterns for scarves and wraps, etc.

I have decided to do an entrelac scarf with the Karaoke yarn I bought in New Hartford, NY. I found a pattern I like in Pam Allen's "Scarf Style". I almost bought the book yesterday in Buffalo but held off because I saw very similar patterns on the Internet that thought I could use. I checked the catalogue for our library this evening and lo and behold, they have the book! It's due to be returned on Aug. 7 so I'll put a hold on it. Yay!!!

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