Monday, 16 July 2007

Donkey Sanctuary

Yesterday the three of us went to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada just outside Guelph. It is a lovely, peaceful place where 53 rescued donkeys live well fed and cared-for by volunteers and supported by charitable donations.

There are three sizes of donkey: miniature, standard and mammoth.

This is a picture of a mammoth donkey, Apollo, and a miniature donkey, Paco.

Paco was born with a deformed jaw so he eats slowly. Apollo is the largest donkey at the Sanctuary. He is a 'gentle giant'.

Windy is the oldest resident at age 40. She is blind.

Chiclet is a white standard donkey who was rescued by someone who saw him living alone and neglected. The ends of his ears are broken off due to frostbite. Chiclet befriended Paco, who at first was impatient with Chiclet but in time became accustomed to having a white 'shadow' at his side. Chiclet is a gentle fun-loving donkey who revels in the attention of staff and visitors.

It was a lovely day at the serene place where these once unfortunate donkeys will live out the rest of their days. Next visit, we hope to walk all along the trails through the fields and get to know the 8 mules who live there as well.

I am almost finished the acursed yellow bathmat. I though I was done but when I held it up and looked at it, I realized I had screwed up the top row of triangles. Grrr.

I am looking forward to receiving the pattern for the Baby Surprise Jacket. I will knit the first one out of a washing-machine-friendly yarn.

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