Friday, 10 August 2007

Another Project Finished

Today I finished the last few rows on Shingo's Austermann Step socks. That was the yarn that was wound backwards in places so I couldn't get the stripes to match. Arghhh. I love the feel of the yarn but this is the second time I've had 'issues' with the striping.

Whilst surfing some blogs, I discovered a pattern from Knitty for Sweet Pea socks. I thought I had bought some Tofutsies yarn at my LYS (local yarn store) Kniterary but couldn't find it anywhere. Conclusion? I didn't actually buy the yarn afterall. So I headed out and bought a ball of SWTC Tofutsies yarn in the 725 colourway called 'Foot in the Door'. It is blue, aqua, green and yellow. The pattern has a very interesting cast-on. You cast on double the stitches and then k2tog 3 times and p2tog twice repeated for one round. That's one way to guarantee that it will stretch far enough!! I may adopt that cast-on in the future as my long-tail cast-ons aren't as loose as I would like. I started using 3mm Addi Turbos but the tips were too round so I switched to a Clover 3mm circular needle and thought it was too loose so switched again to my new favourite needles - Addi Turbo Lace. I bought two sets (2.5mm and 3mm) when I was in Rochester, NY two weeks ago. I lurve them. The tips are a bit pointier and perfect for fingering weight sock yarn - especially knitting the next row after a m1. The lace pattern isn't hard but again, I have to count to keep of where I am.

I got so caught up in starting the new socks I completely forgot to take Ollie to his annual check-up scheduled later this afternoon. I called them when I realized my error and have rescheduled him for Tuesday. How embarrassing.

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