Monday, 20 August 2007

Back from the Cottage

Nancy and I went to Sue's cottage near Balm Beach on Saturday for the night. We had a very nice drive up and stopped in Orillia to shop for yarn. We encountered an antique car show on the street where the yarn store was so we had to drive around a bit to find parking.

Once at the cottage we chatted, drank and ate junk food and of course, I knitted - alternating between the Sweet Pea sock and a pair of blue K3, P1 ribbed socks for Scooter. It got quite cold at night. I'm glad I packed socks and long-sleeved shirts. I slept in 2 of everything, socks, pants and shirts. It was quite snuggly in my sleeping bag.

So now I'm working on Scooter' blue socks and then start another pair with Tofutsies yarn. I can't decide whether to do the Tidal Wave socks or the Pomatomus socks from I exchanged the Tofutsies yarn I found with another colour.

We are down to one caterpillar again. It doesn't appear to be eating when we are around but next time we look at it, it is bigger and there are big chunks out of the leaves (and lots of poop). Both the caterpillar and its poop are getting bigger.

I'm heading into Toronto to meet Nancy and Lorna for lunch tomorrow and then will head to a couple of yarn stores afterwards.

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