Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Back to School? HAAAAAA!!!

Well, it's the last week before school and I'm not getting geared up. What a great feeling. I've just been going about my business, doing errands as they come up or as I think of them.

Yesterday I did a Yoga/Pilates class and walked for 30 min. Today I walked about 3.5 km for 40 min. I took the car for an oil change to get it ready for our trip to Indiana. I went to the library and poured over the knitting books and knitted. I went shopping for provisions for dinner. We had a lovely dinner of schnitzel, cole slaw and beans from the garden. Scooter had pasta and alfredo sauce.

If I think of it and don't have breakfast right away, I'll go and get my blood work done tomorrow.

We subscribed to the Royal Alexandra season for Wednesday matinees! I'm so pleased. Our first show will be "Sweeney Todd" in November and "Dirty Dancing" in January. There will be 4 other shows. With the subscription the front of balcony seats are only about $35 each! I've been perusing the Toronto Symphony brochure and there are a few concerts I'd like to get cheap tickets for.

On the knitting front, I finished the Tidal Wave socks for Joan on Sunday before her 'Feast at the Farm'. We were served leg of lamb, risotto, grilled veggies, salad and an array of desserts including my favourite - flan - which she painstakingly made in 48 little ramekins, cherry pie, merengues with lemon curd. We took delicious brownies home.

Tonight, I finished James' plain blue ribbed socks - my own design - and I'm very please with how they turned out.

My next socks will be monkey socks from the Knitty website. I just have to decide what yarn I'll use. I probably have some in my stash which will be suitable. I have one of Lorna's scarves to finish - just sewing the beads on - and the other one to knit. I also need to finish the triangular shawl and the Baby Surprise Jacket.

There are a couple of scarves from the Scarf Style book that I'd like to knit and I'd like to finish the cabled gaiter that I abandoned last winter. The circular knitting needles were a pain in the butt because there's such a big bump between the cable and the needle.

Tomorrow Skip and Scooter are going to Guelph to golf with Skip's brother. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun; it's a lovely golf course. I'll go to workout or walk or both. Oh yeah, I have to remember to get the blood work done.

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