Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

We had an exciting trip home from Missouri. Due to technical difficulties, we left Kansas City 2.5 hours late. We were told we might make our connection in Milwaukee but if we didn't there was a later flight we could get to Toronto. That made us feel a little better.

When we arrived in Milwaukee, we sprinted through the terminal to get to the plane which they were holding for us and our luggage. YAY!!! We only delayed take-off by about 10 min. Because our luggage was last on the plane, it was first off. YAY again! We were through customs and immigration, had our luggage and were calling Lorna's son for a ride within 15 minutes of deplaning - a record for me. I got home by 10pm.

Monday I did laundry and loafed. It was fun being away but it is good to be home. I went for a 45 min. walk in the morning and after dinner Skip and I walked to the Second Cup for lattes - 25 min. each way.

This evening I finished the cat's paw socks. I'll post pictures tomorrow when the light is better for taking pictures. I have about 4 other UFOs to finish before starting a new project. The yoga mat bag is coming along nicely. It sure is easy to screw up the pattern, though. Now I just have to locate my yoga mat. Hmmmm.

Chewy #1 metamorphosed into a butterfly and was released on Saturday. Skip caught it on videotape because I was away with the digital camera. Chewy #3 died for some reason - perhaps due to unsuccessful pupating. Chewy #2 is still in its chrysalis. I think it has died, too, as it should have turned into a butterfly yesterday or today based on Chewy #1's release. We do have a couple of eggs we're hoping we'll hatch. I'm not sure why we've had such a high mortality rate.

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