Thursday, 9 August 2007


It has been very hot and dry this summer. We have not had significant rain all summer. The ground is like concrete - our lawn is dormant.

I finished the yoga mat bag last night and finished knitting the strap this morning. I sewed the strap on minutes before I had to fly out the door for my yoga class.

Knitting this sucker was a real pain in the butt. The lace pattern itself was easy once I got the hang of it. There are only 4 rows (aside from the alternating purl rows) of the pattern. However, it was very easy to get lost initially and I frogged it several times near the beginning. Every once in a while I'd notice I'd make a mistake in the lace so I'd have to 'tink' it because it was impossible to pick up stitches (yarn overs made it impossible) after frogging a couple of rows. AND every time I started a right side row, I had to count from the bottom to make sure I was starting with the correct row.

Finishing it was a snap, I just sewed the cast on row to the bind off row for the cylinder and collected the stitches at the end to close the end. The strap was just sl1, P1, K1, P1 K1, P1 with two strands of yarn. The bag stretched nicely over my mat.

Fortuitously, I found a drawstring from God-knows-what on the dining room table so I just wove it through the lace at the top which goes around the mat. The drawstring even had a fastener on it. Bonus!

Soooooo... now that I have completed two projects, I have started the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from "Scarf Style". I am only doing it as a scarf with 3 8-stitch squares wide rather than the 7 squares the pattern calls for. That way, I should be able to get a decent length scarf out of the 3 balls of Karaoke yarn I bought in New Hartford, NY two weeks ago.

I still need to finish two pairs of socks and the Surprise Baby Jacket but they won't take long.

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