Friday, 24 August 2007

One Down, One to Go

I finished the first Tidal Wave sock last night and have started the second one. I would like to get the second one done by Sunday afternoon as I would like to give them to our hostess, Joan, who is throwing her annual 'Dinner at the Farm' party.

Here is the first one:

And from the side:

Yesterday, Chewy finally made its chrysalis. He had been hanging upside down from the cover of the 'Bug Bottle' for over a day trying to shed his exoskeleton. Finally we noticed a chrysalis.

I worked out every day this week except Wednesday when I walked around downtown Toronto in search of yarn shops. I've done one Yoga/Pilates class and two weight-lifting classes and have power-walked from 30 - 60 minutes each day. I don't like it that I now hardly have a metabolic rate.

My big accomplishment at home today was organizing the linen cupboard. It is very small and has been overflowing of late. I had been meaning to do it all week and got side-tracked each time. I sorted the sheets and towels and stored all the Queen sheets in Scooter's room. I am giving all the twin sheets to charity and some of the old sheets and pillowcases. The old towels are going to our veterinary clinic - they can always use them. It almost looks like Martha Stewart herself organized the cupboard.

Tonight Skip and I are going to see 'The Bourne Identity' with my free vouchers I got from the AMC Moviewatcher program. We're also going to have dinner at the Mongolian Grill with one of the gift certificates I was given for my retirement by my Family Studies colleagues.

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