Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday Already?

Here in Missouri, Francey, Lorna and I are being ladies of leisure. Lorna and I flew to Kansas City on Monday and rented a ‘Texas orange’ PT Cruiser for our 2.5 hour drive to Columbia, MO.
Tuesday we went to see "Hairspray". It was delightful and I was so proud of my neighbour who was in it, the up-and-coming, talented singer/dancer/actress Kristina Uranowski who was a dancer in Jerry Stiller’s shop scene.

We also visited the lovely Gamma Phi Beta house. We got to look around and had a nice chat with the housemother who lives there in an apartment all year round. 80 collegians live in the house (mostly sophomores) and the chapter is 200 strong. The girls will start moving in this weekend to get ready for rush preparations before their classes start mid-August. Francey, Lorna and I all wore our Gamma Phi Beta flip flops. We asked the housemother to take pictures our flip flops on the ΓΦB rug in the foyer.

She also took our picture on the front steps.

Yesterday I went out early to yarn shop. At Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe I bought two skeins of SWTC Oasis - 100% soy silk - in the ‘Parrot’ colourway to make a yoga mat bag. I then went over to Stitches and noted they had sunny yellow Plymouth Yarn ‘Sunsette’ 60% rayon and 40% acrylic yarn on sale for $2 per skein. I decided to return the Oasis yarn and buy the equivalent yardage in the Sunsette yarn. There was a bunch of ‘fun fur’ type yarn on sale there for $1 per skein so Lorna picked up three skeins of two different colours and I’m knitting her scarves. We went to Hobby Lobby to buy other sundries and I bought a set of 9mm needles and 19mm needles to knit Lorna’s scarves. I’m just knitting garter stitch 5 rows of 18 stitches each with each needle size.

I bought a couple of knitting magazines the day before at Barnes and Noble and already have my eye on a couple of designs I’d like to create.

My cat’s paw socks are coming along well.
I’m almost done the leg of the second sock.

We had a lovely lunch at Flat Branch Pub and Restaurant yesterday. It had been recommended by the ΓΦB housemother the day before. I had a BBQ beef brisket in a tomato wrap with a side of coleslaw. After lunch we went to the campus book store where I bought Missou decal for my car and a doohickey for my car radio aerial so I can find the car easier in parking lots. I also bought a Missou binder. Then we went shopping at Columbia Mall. I bought a pair of city pants and at my favourite clothes emporium, Christopher and Banks, I bought a denim shirt with kitty cats embroidered on it with paw prints. The idea was that it would match the socks.

We ordered Chinese food in and just chatted the rest of the evening while I knit about ½ of Lorna’s scarf.

Today Francey and Lorna are going to see the Harry Potter movie and I’ll head back to the mall to do some more wandering. Or maybe I’ll just come back to the house and knit and read and listen to my beloved iPod.

Skip tells me that back at home Chewy #3 is making signs that he is going to pupate and Chewy #1 looks like he may become a butterfly any time now. I hope he releases him in time. Scooter is back with him now for the rest of the week so they’ll get some golf in, I’m sure.

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