Sunday, 30 September 2007

Halloween Knitting

I felted my pumpkin last night. I have a front loading washing machine so thought I'd try felting by hand in a pail. Things weren't progressing as quickly as I'd hoped so after about 20 minutes of trying to agitate the pumpkin by hand, I threw it, the stem and vine in a lingerie bag and threw it in the dark load already in progress in the washing machine. I checked it after 5 minutes and that pretty much did the trick. I stuffed the pumpkin firmly with plastic bags and basted the top as closed as I could. I then wrapped acrylic yarn tightly around it along the seam lines. The pumpkin is still drying. It's going to look awesome when I'm done. I'll remove the red yarn once it's completely dry.

I also finished knitting the smaller pumpkin and will felt it next time we have a dark load.

I found this pattern for a really small felted pumpkin . I have to make another trip to my LYS to get more orange Ella Rae yarn.

Skip and Scooter golfed this morning so I went on a 50 minute walk. The weather has been gorgeous this fall. Now that I have fresh batteries for the camera, I'll get out and take those fall colour pictures.

Skip and I have decided on a resort to stay at in Cuba for our Holiday in November. I'll book that tomorrow.

I impulsively decided I wanted to go to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. All lodgings nearby are booked but I found a place in Albany that was the right price. I know it's completely frivolous but hey - doing stuff like this is exactly what I hoped to do in retirement. Skip will enjoy the sheep and the sheep dog trials.

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