Saturday, 29 September 2007

"Hello, my name is Geri and I'm a knitting addict"

I got up fairly early with Skip today. He left to go pick up Scooter and visit Grandma. Scooter had his first high school dance last night.

I've been puttering around. There are lots of things I could be doing and many things I should be doing. Instead, I'm goofing around on the computer. Ain't life grand!

I finished all the wedges for my first felted pumpkin last night and started the wedges for the smaller one. I need to stitch the wedges together and find the yarn for the stem. I also need to go and buy a set of 8mm dpns. That'll be the third time I've been at a yarn store this week. Pictures will be forthcoming.

"Hello, my name is Geri and I'm a knitting addict"

No one will ever go without food because of this and many cool things will be produced. However it really is somewhat of an addiction.

I downloaded a few knitting podcasts (of all things) including a couple of video ones so sometime today I will put them on my iPod and check them out.

The leaves are starting to turn and fall. I think this calls for some picture taking. Hmm, I'd better add camera batteries to my shopping list.

CBC Classical FM is on and housework and errands call....

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