Thursday, 6 September 2007

K2, Sip 1

I went into Toronto today to do some shopping. I enjoyed knitting on the GO train and listening to a book on my iPod. I finished the second fingerless glove. I went to the food court at The Lanes and had a $5 lunch (incl. tax!) - an entree, 2 sides and a pop. I ended up at The World's Biggest Bookstore to check out their knitting books. I spent about an hour there and saw a couple that looked interesting but I didn't buy anything. I walked all the way down Bay (my daily walk - tee hee) and knit some more in the GO concourse and on the train home. I worked on the second monkey sock with the Regia stretch yarn.

After supper I went to the wine and cheese at Kniterary. We chatted and knitted. I worked on the Lady Eleanor entrelac scarf. I'm not thrilled with the yarn because it doesn't change colour fast enough. I'm sure it will look fine but I just wish there was more colour variation. I won a door prize - light-tipped 4.25mm knitting needles!

Tomorrow I'm meeting fellow retiree, Anne Marie, for coffee at Chapters. Then I'm going to CAA to get maps for our trip. Our neighbours are looking after Ollie and the house in our absence.

Today I ordered us two tickets for the Indiana University vs. Akron University football game in Bloomington, IN on Sept. 15. Skip is an NCAA football and basketball nut (we have the NCAA ticket with ExpressVu thus availing us of 800 games from now until the end of May). This will be Skip's first regular NCAA football game and my second. I went to a Univ. of Michigan/Univ. of Missouri game in Ann Arbor, MI circa 1974. There were 106,000 in attendance. The stadium in Bloomington only seats 52,000 so it won't be quite the spectacle. We attended the International Bowl (Western Michigan vs. Cincinatti) at the Rogers Centre last January. We LOVED it! We loved the bands, the cheerleaders, the pomp, the pageantry, oh yeah, and the football.

I have googled and printed maps our for all the yarn stores within a 30 mi. radius of Chesterfield, IN. Skip also has designs on a couple of sporting goods stores for golf equipment. We will also take our hosts Todd and Shingo to Romano's Macaroni Grill in Carmel, IN. The first leg of our odyssey will be the Knitter's Fair in Kitchener/Waterloo on Saturday.

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