Friday, 12 October 2007

Catching Up

I've been pretty lazy about posting pictures lately so I thought I'd get caught up.

Here is a picture of the triangular shawl:
(I guess we can put the fan away now that it's fall)

And here's a closeup:
The pattern is very similar to the basic dishcloth pattern. In fact I'm going to knit a baby blanket with the same pattern from Lion Brand. I'll find some soft, chunky yarn to use.

In a previous post, I introduced Snorri, the bear I purchased for $2.99 at IKEA. I have knit him a second sweater - a more Christmas-y one:

Technically, it's not a snowflake but it fits the bill.

I'm also working on Jaywalker socks in Austermann Step yarn colourway 04 - blaunacht.

We just had a really weird thing happen. Someone called about Skip's Globe and Mail (our national newspaper) service and asked for verification of his credit card number. Skip awoke from his post-prandial nap to take the phone call and gave her the number. When he hung up, it occurred to him it might have been an identity theft. So we *69'd the number and called it back and it was 'no longer in service'. Yikes! When the person called, she didn't ask for Skip by name, nor did she cite the correct newspaper service. She didn't give her name either. So Skip quickly called VISA and had his number suspended. He then called the Globe and Mail to see if the original call was legit. After about 20 minutes, the Globe called Fred back and confirmed that indeed one of their agents had made the initial call.

Whew! What a relief.

So Skip called VISA back and had his card unsuspended.

Lesson learned, get names, get confirmation numbers, don't give out credit card information over the phone until you've confirmed the person is who they say they are.

This afternoon I made turkey meatballs and froze them in packs of 4. I then joined some of my former colleagues for drinks after they finished working. I brought a 'pesto amore' thin multigrain crust pizza home from Pizza Pizza for dinner. Skip and Scooter had just arrived from the big city.

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