Friday, 26 October 2007

A Day in The Big City

Skip and I headed into The Big City today and met Lorna and Nancy for lunch at the $5 place (Sandwich World) at "The Lanes" downstairs in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Skip was impressed with the quality (mmm mmm good) and quantity (just the right amount) of the food. I gave Lorna her birthday presents as we'll be in Cuba on her actual birthday and I didn't know when I'd see her before it. Lorna, Nancy, Sue and I are meeting for lunch on Nov. 17th.

After lunch Skip headed to McTamney's and then to pick up Scooter after school. I headed to the CreativFestival in the South Building of the Metro Convention Centre. I poked around for about 3 hours. There were a few booths where yarn was sold. At Headwater Wool I bought 5 skeins of BBB Jacquard worsted weight yarn (50% wool/50% acrylic) in colour #9011 to knit a scarf - The Road Scarf. I had picked the pattern up at the Lion Brand booth but wanted to use a soft yarn for this sampler-type scarf. Headwater Wool sells Addi Turbo circular needles for about $12 which is a real bargoon compared to most other retailers.

I have started the scarf and like the feel of the yarn. However, I do not like the Mesh Stitch in the scarf - it is kind of lumpy. I'm going to frog back to before the Mesh Stitch and substitute some other pattern based on an 8 stitch repeat. I am also making the scarf 8 stitches narrower for a total of 32 stitches instead of 40 stitches. That is making for a 6" wide scarf. I'm using 5mm needles instead of the 5.5mm needles the pattern calls for. Heck, I may just frog the whole thing and use the larger needles.

After the CreativFestival, I walked back to Union Station and met up with Skip and Scooter to take the GO train home.

On the GO train trips in and out of the city, I got a lot done on the Zig-zag scarf. I'm almost done the first ball of yarn. I need to find the other one soon so I can finish the scarf. I like the pattern for a couple of reasons: it's very entrelac-ish, it's mostly garter stitch, it looks good from either side and the finished product is nice and stretchy. Manos del Uruguay Hacho yarn would be really good for this pattern, too.

Tomorrow the firewood is being delivered. Hopefully, it will be fairly early so Skip and Scooter can get it piled up at the side of the house and out of the driveway. Then they'll head into the city for Scooter's hockey game. After supper we're going to a friend's Halloween Haunted house.

I'm feeling too lazy tonight to take pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

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