Monday, 8 October 2007

Giving Thanks

Sunday morning we drove from Guelph to the IKEA store at the 400 and Highway 7 north of Toronto. It wasn't that busy - surprising even for a long weekend. I bought a little Blund bear which we have named Snorri Sven Bjornsen. Skip looked up common Swedish names online and came up with Snorri. I liked Sven and bjorn is Swedish for 'bear'.

On our way home, we stopped in at Lorna's for a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Everything was done to perfection. I restrained myself from having third helpings of everything. After Skip's short nap, we headed eastward to visit my MIL at the nursing home. We arrived about 15 minutes before dinner. I showed her the wedding photos on my laptop. I think she was pleased to see them.

This morning I slept in 'til 10am. After rising I had a leisurely breakfast, read the paper and did the puzzles (Saturday Globe puzzle and Sunday Star puzzle). Skip barbecued chicken for dinner which we had with buttercup squash and corn.

Of course, Snorri needed some clothes so I designed and knitted him a little raglan-sleeved Halloween sweater.

And here he is amid our 'pumpkin patch':

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