Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Jaywalker Socks

With finishing the hemp market bag and the triangular shawl, I needed a new project to start. Of course, I still haven't finished the stained glass fan purse and a few other projects but I needed something fairly easy and portable to take to the Sit 'n Knit tomorrow evening. I have started Jaywalker Socks with Austermann Step yarn colourway 04.

I originally cast on with 2.25mm needles because there are 76 stitches in a round and I usually cast on 60 - 64 depending on the pattern with 2.5mm or 2.75mm needles. After knitting about 3 inches (7.5cm) I realized that the sock was going to be too tight. I also hadn't started the sock in a good place so it would have been hard to start the second sock in the same place. So I frogged it and cast on again at the beginning of a stripe with 2.5mm needles. It is much looser.

Tomorrow we have Chiminey Cricket (yes, believe it or not, that's the actual name) coming to clean out the chimney in preparation for the winter of burning wood in our fireplace. We also will be having some wood delivered which Skip and I will have to stack at the back of the house to really dry out. The old wood is already stacked and ready for us to use.

I've been increasing the intensity of my workouts this week. The floor at the gym is being replaced so the classes are cancelled this week. I'll have to go to the other club if I want to take a class but it is be really crowded. Instead I have been doing the 'hill' program on the treadmill and the circuit of machines. I'm hoping at some point all this effort will show on the scales. If not, it's a personal trainer for me.

Now I am going to vent for a minute. I don't like it when someone craps on something I like. For example, it bugs me if I'm enthusiastically talking about say, a movie, and the other person halts all conversation by saying, "I hate that movie". Or if I'm talking about something I'm interested in and the other person says, "That's boring". Or if I'm talking about something to do with my knitting and someone says that my obsession with knitting is 'weird'. Is it extremely bad manners on their part or am I just being too sensitive? Either way, what is it to anyone else? Why do people feel the need to criticize or make negative comments about things that do not concern them, things that have no impact whatsoever on their lives? Particularly things that give me joy? I'm just wondering... There, I feel better.

Finally, today is election day in Ontario. I hate the Conservatives - a holdover from the 90s and the Mike Harris regime. I come from a staunch NDP family. My Mom's family were very good friends with Tommy Douglas in Saskatchewan. In fact, Tommy, when he was Premier, walked my mother down the aisle when she and her sister had a double wedding back in 1946. It looks like the Liberals will win a majority government.


  1. The Queen agrees with is very bad manners for a person to criticize or negate your beliefs, interests or overall likes, particularly if their opinion is unsolicited. If you were to ask them how they liked a movie or if they like to knit and they were to say "no," then that is fine. And, of course, a simple "no" is far better than belittling your interest by including an adjective such as "weird."

    The Queen says "off with their head!"