Thursday, 25 October 2007

Retiree's Get-Together

Today was the first time I got to attend the Retiree's Luncheon which is held twice a year. There were 24 of us. Apparently 24 people show up each time - not always the same 24, though. We met at the Mandarin Restaurant where there is a lovely buffet with many types of cuisine in addition to Chinese fare. It was a real gabfest and the last of us departed after 2pm. It was great to see everyone. I think the ladies should meet more frequently. I just have to think of when and where. I don't have any problem organizing it - I can get e-mail addresses and go from there. I will get together with Anne Marie for coffee next week. We are going to make a trip to Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY sometime in November.

I haven't done much these past few days except work out on the treadmill and knit. I've been doing somewhat of an interval training routine. I alternate between an incline of 1.5% - 2% and a steeper incline. I do the steeper incline for at least a minute and then lower it again to the lower angle for a minute or 2. It doesn't take long for 30 min. to go by.

This evening I went to my knitting group. I started a scarf from "Modular Knits" using some merino yarn I had. There's a second skein of it somewhere... I'll need to find it fairly soon. It's very much like an entrelac pattern with garter stitch - like the garterlac bath mat, in fact. I also took the 3x1 ribbed socks I'm knitting for Mark but didn't do any knitting on them. I have turned the heel and am decreasing the foot gussets.

Tomorrow I'm going into the city to the CreativFestival. I got my ticket yesterday and saved $3 by getting it ahead of time. Skip is coming into the city with me and we'll meet Lorna and Nancy for lunch at the $5 place in the food court of 'The Lanes'. Then I'll head to the CreativFestival at the Convention Centre. Skip will go get James and we'll meet at the GO train and come home together.

Saturday, we're getting a big load of firewood delivered so we'll have to stack it sometime this weekend. Scooter has hockey at 1:55pm so that will pretty much shoot the afternoon. We are probably going to a friend's haunted house on Saturday night.

We got things rolling a couple of weeks ago for the sale of my MIL's house. She's not lived there since March when she went into the hospital and she's been in the nursing home since June. We've decided to get the place sold before the winter. It was priced to sell 'as is' and only took a few days to get a good conditional offer for almost the complete listing price. Today the conditions were removed so it's a 'done deal'. Yay! Now we will need to empty the place out. We've had some good advice from the realtor. She recommended an antique seller who can appraise the few things of value that are in the house. She also knows of a couple who will take everything else we don't want and dispose of it themselves. I'm sure they sell anything they can get any money for and dispose of the rest. We may go that route rather than trying to do it all ourselves. It would sure save us a lot of work.

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