Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet...

As I write this the number and frequency of trick or treaters is dwindling.

It was a beautiful sunny day today and the temperature was forecast to go up to 19C. So I 'quick like a bunny' threw in a load of laundry to put out on the clothesline. We are on borrowed clothesline time now on the eve of November. That is certainly our bit for ecology. We're not quite as altruistic as it sounds. In previous times we'd just be called 'cheap'. It is remarkable how much is saved on our electricity (hydro in Canada) bill by using our clothesline from April to October. We also compost almost everything except meat and bones. The bonus is wonderful friable compost that Skip spreads on the garden every spring. Our municipality instituted a 'wet' (compostable) garbage collection program last year. About the only thing we use it for is paper towels and tissues. We compost everything else.

So getting back to the sheets - I will put them away for the winter as I have hauled out the t-shirt (jersey knit) sheets for us and the flannel sheets for Scooter. Cooler weather is coming.

After my workout this morning, I went out for lunch with Paulette - a gal I've known for about 17 years whom I met when we sat side by side in the front row of the Pickering Community Concert Band. She played the flute and I, the oboe. We navigated many life challenges together, deaths of parents, new love relationships, broken love relationships, etc., etc. Today we just picked up where we left off last time. We had a good chat - for the first time since probably 7 or 8 years ago. It was very nice.

After lunch I made my weekly pilgrimage to the public library to return some materials and selected a book to take to Cuba which had been recommended by a couple of gals at my knitting group - "The Birth House". I also poured over the knitting books once again, this time looking for stitch patterns that are factors of 24 for the sampler scarf.

Once home, Skip and I raced through supper and made preparations for our trick or treaters. We have an array of jack o' lanterns of various media: real pumpkin, ceramic and foam.

I finally took a picture of my 'cat o' lantern':

And this year's version of Skip's trademark 'vomiting pumpkin':

As the time change was delayed by a week this year, it got dark later than it normally would on Halloween. At about 6:30pm the youngest ghouls, princesses, super heroes and kitty cats began arriving. One young man, when looking at the jack o' lantern that Skip carved, noted: " It's barfing!". Yessssss. Once again Skip's 'vomiting' pumpkin made a hit. Our last trick or treater showed up at about 8:45.

Tomorrow is garbage day. As a preventative measure we're going to get up early and put out the garbage rather than put it out tonight and risk having it strewn around the neighbourhood by local hoodlums. Yes, even outside of The Big City there are hoodlums.

I was also able to make contact with the good people in Texas and reserved our lodgings for our month as Winter Texans. Yippee! I've always envied people who have had a condo to stay in in a southern clime and now we get to do it, too!

Tomorrow? November.

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