Monday, 5 November 2007

Baa Baa Oink Moo

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day. I knit a bunch on the clapotis and then frogged it when I realized it was too narrow and I thought I had enough yarn to make it one repeat (12 rows) wider. I have almost knit all that I ripped out yesterday. I'm liking the look of it, but will have to weigh the remaining yarn to see if I indeed will have enough to finish it. Skip's friend, Bob, called to see if Skip was going to be watching the Patriots/Colts game. He came over to watch it and we had yummy Pesto Amore Pizza Pizza pizza and Miller Chills.

Today we got up bright and early and headed to the GO train to head into The Big City to go to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at the Exhibition Fairgrounds. We got there by about 11 and had a good 3.5 hours to scope out the place. I found the Belle Vallee Wool people who had lovely tartan blankets on display. I also spoke to some ladies who sell alpaca yarn but I don't remember the name of their shop or even where it is. Skip left at about 2:30 to go get Scooter. I watched the Iams SuperDog show. The dogs are very well trained and some of them are REALLY wired. After the SuperDog show, I wandered around a bit more and then sat down to do some knitting on my clapotis. Skip and Scooter showed up at 4:20 and we went for something to eat. Scooter had St. Louis chicken wings and fries. Skip and I had snack plates of samosas, pakora, and chick peas with tamarind sauce.

After eating we wandered around some more and got a look at a Toyota Tundra truck, took a look at the 4 and 5 day old piglets, looked at the cattle, horses and sheep, watched horses getting bathed in a special washing bay in the horse building and generally looked at everything we could in the remaining 2 hours of our time there. When we decided to leave and take the Bathurst streetcar, we had a hell of a time finding the streetcar/bus stop. We wandered back and forth a couple of times in the cold and rain. Finally after about 1/2 hour in the dark, wet and cold, we found the bus stop that would take us to the Bathurst streetcar. YAY! We rode to Runnymede station and Skip walked Scooter up to Scooter's mom's. I waited at the subway stop and knit some more on the clapotis. I kinda looked like a homeless person sitting on the floor with really nice yarn. Skip returned and we headed back, missing the 8:13 GO train and finally got the 9:13 train. I had lots of time to knit so it wasn't a total lost cause. We finally got in the door at 10:15.

Tomorrow I have TONS of errands to run and then need to pack for our trip to Cuba. I put a bunch of my summer clothes away last week and just realized last night I have to haul a bunch of them out to pack for the sunny south.

I also checked out the airfares to Atlanta for after Christmas and was shocked at how expensive it was going to be. I had to e-mail Francey and MaryAnne and tell them we won't be able to make the trip. What a bummer.

And now... to bed.

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  1. Francey is probably just as bummed as we are...we will miss having our good friends to the north visit us during the holidays, but we certainly understand why. I was looking forward to having Fred watch college football bowl games with me!