Monday, 19 November 2007

I Found It!

Last June, Skip and I went to Erie, PA on a shopping trip. We went to Millcreek Mall in Erie and also drove down to the factory outlet mall at Grove City. Whilst in Erie, I visited Cultured Purl and bought a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock merino yarn and a ball of Trekking XXL yarn in a nice multicouloured green tweed colourway (298). I also bought a nice navy leather purse at a factory outlet store.

Back in the summer I went looking for the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and couldn't find it anywhere. I hunted high and low. I ended up buying some more of the yarn on eBay. I always wondered what happened to that yarn I had bought in Erie.

Yesterday, I went looking for the new leather purse that I had not used yet, and found it where I thought I had stashed it and what do you know? When I opened it up, there was the sock yarn! I guess I had cleverly stuffed the sock yarn in the purse in an effort to compact my purchases. Sheesh! I had also forgotten I had even bought the Trekking XXL yarn.

I love it when I find something I have misplaced. It is especially like it when I find something I didn't even remember I had lost (like the Trekking XXL yarn - hee hee).

It seems the Christmas season is galloping closer. This would be a good week to get the tree up and get the house organized for all the decorations. I have all kinds of grandiose plans to do some baking and a bit of shopping. This year, Skip and I are going to buy a big-ass LCD TV and home theatre system so we'll be paring back the gifts. We don't do a lot of gift buying for others and I have already obtained the gifts for my friends so we're going to blow the whole wad on the new TV. I hope I can get the home theatre system set up without a lot of muss or fuss. I guess we'll also have to investigate getting HD satellite service as well.

I am going cross-border shopping with my fellow retiree, Anne Marie, next Monday - Wednesday so hope to get a lot of things done this week. I'll have to fit these activities in between my mammogram at 7pm tomorrow, Scooter's festival piano competition on Wednesday afternoon, a baby shower on Friday afternoon and a social outing on Friday night. Saturday, we'll be in and out of The Big City with Scooter's hockey game and his piano scholarship competition in the evening. Sunday we're having a little celebration for my MIL's 90th birthday at the nursing home in the 'Gathering Room'. And what am I doing now (instead of getting my extra activities scheduled in)? Blogging while watching "The View", updating my flickr pictures, updating my Ravelry photos of my stash and moving paper around in my office/guest room. I think I'll go have lunch. :-)

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