Friday, 23 November 2007

I Love A Parade

Today I got to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV for the first time ever!!!! I've been in school for the past 47 years (either as a student or a teacher) and have never had the day off before! Except for the two years we got American Thanksgiving off when I attended an American school when my family lived in Tampico, México. But we didn't have US television channels there to see the parade. We in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving the 2nd Sunday in October and only get a 3-day weekend and there aren't any big parades. Our Thanksgiving tradition is more of a harvest festival and although turkey is the traditional fowl consumed, there certainly aren't any pilgrims involved. We were settled by French explorers. Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed watching the parade this morning. I particularly liked the drum and bagpipe band that played Queen's "We Will Rock You". You've gotta love those bagpipes.

Skip and I finally made our 'romantic trip to the dump'. Let me explain... We've had two computer monitors in the garage between our two cars for about 3 months. Skip has been hinting that we've needed to take them to the dump (he wanted me to help him heave the stuff into and out of the car). To make it more enticing to me he began referring to the activity as the 'romantic trip' to the dump. Well today was the day. We got our courage and made the trip. WELL were we ever surprised at how easy it was! When we drove up, a woman at a booth asked what we had to unload. She told us where each item should go and then weighed the car. We then drove to the appropriate places and unloaded. We got rid of the two computer monitors, an old CPU, a dot matrix printer (my first one that dates from 1989), a REALLY old TV that showed everything in 'greenscale' (kinda like greyscale you'd get on your computer printouts but green), a broken growlight and 4 cans of paint. Then we drove up to the exit booth where the car was weighed again and were levied a $12 fee. We then gleefully drove off high-fiving each other feeling lighter than air. Holy crap! If we'd known it was going to be THAT easy, we'd have done this months ago. Now we're walking around the house looking at stuff to take to the dump. It wasn't that romantic but it sure felt good to get rid of that stuff.

I had a lovely dinner this evening with a former colleague, Suzanne. We went to Lake Grill in Whitby, just south of Victoria/Bayly/Baseline (or whatever it's called). I had yummy veal piccata in a white wine sauce with a simple potato and lovely broccoli. Suzanne enjoyed her stuffed salmon. The presentation was exquisite and the food delicious. After dinner I drove northward to Kniterary for the weekly Sit 'n Knit. A few of us brought stuff to show off. I call it 'Bring and Brag'. It's interesting to see what everyone is working on and hear about what challenges they've encountered with their projects. We also discussed possible 'field trips' we may take in the spring as there are several yarn destinations in southwestern Ontario that would be interesting to explore.

I do also want to remember to join the local knitting guild which meets the second Wednesday of the month. The Downtown Knit Collective (DKC) meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month in The Big City as well. I hope to get there sometime, too.

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