Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I'm Siiiiiiiiiiiick! Waaaaaaaah!

Last week, I could feel the bit of a scratchy throat starting. I got through the weekend and my MILs 90th birthday party OK and don't think I infected anyone. However on our shopping trip and particularly last night, my throat was quite sore and I was beginning to get laryngitis. I'm not convinced I have a cold but I do have irritated sinuses (moisturizing nasal spray is keeping my nose pretty clear), my throat is still sore and my voice is shot. Waaaah!

I made an appointment with a doctor for tomorrow. I will also inquire about being scheduled for a screening colonoscopy and this thing on my face. It looks like a burn - raised and red. It hasn't really changed in a couple of weeks. I will also mention my sore hip and see if she agrees with my lay diagnosis of arthritis. I also can't find my ventalin inhaler - which may have bounced out of my backpack this morning when I picked it up before I had it all zipped up. The cartridge in it was dated 2005 and was almost empty so I was due for a new one. Sheesh!! This aging stuff is not for sissies!

We had a lot of fun shopping in Buffalo these past three days. I got lots of nice loot including a ball of Mega Sock Stretch yarn at Elmwood Yarn Shop on Hertel Ave. There was a nice assortment of yarn but not very conveniently labelled. The proprietor needs to put signs up rather than hang several descriptive tags from a hook. She also was quite taciturn. She looked like she had a bad headache. Anne-Marie tried to engage her in conversation and was just given abrupt answers that did not lead to further discussion. Another customer was in the store seeking information about knitting a particular sweater. Any skilled salesperson would have run around suggesting all kinds of appropriate yarns that could be used. This gal sat on her behind and pointed to general areas where one kind of yarn might be found. I certainly did not get a 'warm, fuzzy' feeling in there and don't feel the need to return.

I did find a wonderful Nordic 100% wool sweater at Marshalls for $30. Not only would I probably never knit one myself, I couldn't buy the wool for that. It is white with various shades of blue in the design. It looks fabulous with any colour jeans. I also found a pair of Clark's open- back, black shoes with 2" heels for $30 as well. They are very comfy and look smashing with the dark blue jeans I bought at one of my favourite clothiers, Christopher and Banks.

The border crossings both ways were uneventful and the lineups not long at all. Today's drive was precipitation-free and due to taking the toll road - the 407 - practically traffic free. I was home by 1pm. Next week, I'm off again to my sister's for a quick visit with her and I also hope to have breakfast on Friday with the retired ladies from the school I taught at many years ago.


  1. I can't imagine you with laryngitis!!! LOL

  2. I'm sorry you had a "less-than-ideal" experience @ Elmwood Yarn Shop. Rebecca is usually quietly helpful and wonderfully skilled in yarn selection for specific projects. It may just have been a bad day ... Just wanted to chime in here since it's my LYS - Socknitrmom