Friday, 21 December 2007

4 Days to Go!

Today was a day to get lots of errands done: pick up a Purolator package, exchange something at WalMart, return something to Canadian Tire, pick up groceries, help Skip take the 20th Century 80s TV to the car so he could take a load to the dump, put up a new light fixture in the dining room (it took three tries before I got it right) and clean up after myself. The house has been a complete disaster area this week with the new TV and home theatre system coming in and moving things around. Last night, every room on the main floor except the kitchen was in disarray and it was making both Skip and me crazy!

Order has been restored. Skip went and collected Scooter from school in The Big City this afternoon. Scooter will be with us until Christmas Eve and will return on New Year's Day until the 6th.

While I was up on the ladder putting the chandelier up and listening to the local classical FM radio station I was reminded of the Sing-Along Messiah this Sunday. Rats! I had planned to go and I completely forgot that I am hosting a Christmas dinner then. Pooh! I even have the ticket. Oh well, it's more important to spend time with friends and family - maybe next year - sigh.

Tomorrow we're meeting Skip's brother for lunch near my MILs nursing home. We'll visit her after lunch. I have a couple more errands to run in the afternoon.

I was thrilled last night to get a comment on my blog from the gal who created the now famous (at least among my knitting group) Rolo Pretzel Turtles, Jaden Hair. She is quite the Internet personality and blogs about food. She creates and photographs delicious fresh Asian and fusion cuisine. She also KNITS! Again, I am not a confident cook, however, I have printed out her recipe for German Oven Pancakes and Spam Fried Rice to try out on Skip and Scooter. Here's a link to a video of a radio show she appeared on. She certainly makes her dishes sound easy to prepare.

I am also posting a link to the garterlac dishcloth from the Criminey Jickets website. I knit it back in the spring to get more confidence with knitting entrelac patterns. I called it the 'Neapolitan Ice Cream' garterlac dishcloth.

I then modified the pattern to 16 stitch diamonds for lovely, sunny yellow bathmat.

Once the technique is mastered, there are lots of patterns using it. For example, in the winter catalogue is the Quant headband and these very cool Annetrelac socks from Interweave's Knitting Daily store. There's also this soft Danica scarf from and Pam Allen's Lady Eleanor Stole from "Scarf Style".

I haven't knit a single stitch today. I'm going to take another stab at getting our new big-ass TV hooked up so we can at least watch it; forget the DVD/VCR player and the home theatre system. I'm really tired. I think I'll go relax.

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