Wednesday, 12 December 2007

All That Cuteness and Talent, Too!

I forgot to write about this the other day after Scooter's piano recital.

Scooter studies piano with a very fine teacher in The Big City, Frank Horvat. Being a music educator myself, I couldn't be more pleased with Scooter's progress under Frank's tutelage. Frank's composing and performing is taking more and more of his time now so he has pared back the number of students he teaches. Skip and I are grateful he has continued to keep Scooter as his student.

At the recital of Frank's students last Friday, I couldn't help but notice the young lady in the pew ahead of us was knitting a rather large scarf.

She, Susan, is also a very talented piano player and has performed in two competitions that Scooter has performed in this fall. Susan's mother (sitting to her left) is also a piano teacher who had a few of her students in the recital as well. When I commented on Susan's knitting, her mother said Susan has got her knitting again. Susan told us she was knitting a scarf for her friend for Christmas. Yes, she's sitting on a pretty snazzy mink coat, too! Such style at such a young age.

I told Susan's mom and dad that I feel like a 'knitting missionary' (akin to the term 'yarn missionary' coined by 'Joe' the Yarn Harlot's husband) sometimes - that I'm always trying to convert people to knitting. It does my heart good to see a young person enjoying needlecrafts. I like to think it's as good for their stress management as it has been for mine.

Oh yeah, and here are Skip and Scooter posing by the piano:

Happy Birthday, Scooter!

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