Saturday, 22 December 2007

"Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat"

Well, the capon is pretty fat. We picked it up from the butcher today. That place was a zoo!!!

We met Skip's brother and his wife for lunch near my MILs nursing home where they had been visiting. After lunch Skip, Scooter and I dropped in for a visit at the nursing home. Jennie was in a pretty good mood and didn't snipe at Skip. We dropped in at the butcher (the zoo) and the liquor store. After we dropped Skip off, Scooter and I went Christmas shopping for Skip's Christmas gift. I then dropped Scooter off back at home and headed out to try and find more light bulbs for the lovely new chandelier I installed yesterday. I got the bulbs home and RATS! They're not the same 'colour' as the ones I bought the other day. Back I'll go tomorrow and try and return them and will have to go back to Canadian Tire and buy the lower wattage bulbs.

I went out, yet again, walking this time, to the IGA to finish up the grocery shopping. I started to get checked out and realized I hadn't even brought my purse with me. By some miracle, I had my cell phone in my coat pocket so called Skip to bring it to me. Oh brother.

After dinner, I scurried around and started some of the food preparation for tomorrow's Christmas dinner: chopping celery and onions for the stuffing. Lorna's going to join us so it's a good excuse for me to finally get things done around here and make the house (at least the main floor) presentable. I don't know why I never have motivation to do it for ourselves. Then I got the dining room all organized for our dinner tomorrow.

On the electronics front, I figured out how to hook up the DVD player to the new TV. However, I haven't figured out how to run the signal through the DVD player to the TV so we can either watch TV or we can watch a DVD. That's doesn't sound like a big deal but to go from one thing to the other, I have to change the cables behind the TV. I'm relieved because now we'll be able to watch DVDs which is something I like to do this time of year - especially the Christmas DVDs.

I only knit a couple of rows on the black alpaca ribbed scarf. I have to find the rest of the yarn because I'm almost finished the first skein.

Tomorrow (after I get the light bulbs) will be dedicated to preparing our Christmas feast.

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