Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Counting Sheep ...

I guess I shouldn't have had that latte this evening. I ordered a 'decaf' latte but I think they slipped me a high test 'caf' latte. Rats! I hate lying in bed trying to relax and breathe deeply to try to fall asleep and nothing works. I gave up and got up and did a few semi-productive things. I wrapped a Christmas gift for Skip, I threw some more stuff out from my desk, I searched for some cardigan patterns online and now I'm blogging. It's 4:30am and I'm sure going to feel like crap when I get up in the morning.

I have also begun my fast as step one in my 'clean out' (for the lack of a better phrase) for my screening colonoscopy on Thursday. I made a double batch of lime jello (anything red is verboten) which will be one meal and possibly a snack. I thought there might be a trace of red in orange and grape jello and I didn't see any blue jello - whatever flavour it might be. Also on the menu is some chicken broth and black tea and coffee. Step two involves drinking 2 litres of a solution in 250mL (1 cup) dosages every ten minutes starting at 6pm tomorrow to accelerate the process, I guess. Then for 'breakfast' on Thursday I have to drink another 2 litres of the solution with the same dosage starting at 6:30am.

I do not have any concerns which warranted the screening test. But I am getting 'of an age' and my maternal grandmother died from colon cancer so I thought I'd get checked out. When Skip picks me up after the procedure on Thursday (which should be complete sometime around noon) I hope I'm feeling well enough to go eat.

This afternoon I was smugly thinking I'd had my Christmas shopping done for some time now but realized I needed to pick up a couple of things for Scooter. He finally submitted his Christmas list (I got it as a Facebook message which he wrote me in Business and Information Technology class. What! Facebook's not blocked? It sure was at the school I taught at as well as Hotmail, Yahoo, msn messenger, etc. etc.) Anyway, while at an electronics store this afternoon, I asked a very cute and charming sales person about a deal he could get me on a 42" LCD 120HZ TV with a home theatre system in a particular price point. Luke - who sported a Nick Lachey hair style but with some blue gel - seemed very knowledgeable and taught me a couple of things that I didn't already know about 21st Century televisions. I learned that if the TV is 120HZ, it doesn't blur with motion. That is a good thing as Skip gets motion-sick when there is too much motion on the TV. Heck, he can't even look down in a car or he feels queasy. That's why I always navigate when we're in unfamiliar surroundings. Anyway, I told Luke I'd have to bring my husband in for the final decision.

After dinner I returned to the store with Skip in tow. We hooked up with Luke and did the deal which ended up costing about $600 more when all the required cables, extended warranties and taxes were factored in. To his credit, Skip only blanched a little bit when Luke rang up the total.

Then came the task of fitting the two enormous boxes in the back of my small, hatchback car. We ended up having to take the boxed components of the home theatre out of the main box and stuffing the separate boxes into the car, just barely fitting so I could put the hatch down. Luke came out and told us he forgot to sell us a couple of additional cables. There went another $100 or so. With the satellite provider we use, we'll get 6 months free HD service and rental as they currently are running a promotion. Woo hoo! We just might have HDTV in time for the bowl games!

So, while I'm fasting tomorrow (today, actually) I'll run out to the TicketMaster outlet to pick up our International Bowl tickets (we're sitting on the Ball State side - go Cardinals!! The Rutgers side was sold out - waaahhh!) and then I'll be trying to get the new TV set up. If I ever get out of bed, that is... Merry Christmas to us!!! Ho ho ho.

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