Sunday, 9 December 2007

Fa La La

Thursday, Valerie and I crossed the border to Port Huron, MI to shop for knitting stuff. I was looking for Fun Fur or the equivalent to use for the fuzzy part of the hedgehog. I bought some Patons Classic merino yarn and 9 balls of Cello white yarn (Fun Fur equivalent) at JoAnn Fabrics. The Cello yarn is for the Sirdar knitted snowman. We also went to Mary Maxim, lunch at Los Cuatro Amigos Mexican restaurant, and then Birchwood Mall to get a book with my Borders discount coupon at Waldenbooks. Back in Canada, we went back to Country Yarns and I bought the Huggable Hedgehogs pattern and some brown 'fun fur' type yarn for the bristles.

Valerie cooked a delicious meal of veal medallions, potatoes and corn. After dinner I perused her Knitters magazines. I also started the hedgehog. In no time flat, I had the front done and started the back.

The next morning I had an enjoyable breakfast with 10 retired ladies from the school I taught at for 11 years from 1978 - 1989 at South East Café. They get together the first Friday of every month for breakfast. Knowing that, I try to schedule my trips to Sarnia/Petrolia to coincide with the event. I drove back home after that arriving at about 3pm. Skip and I headed into The Big City at 4:30pm for Scooter's piano recital at 6pm. Scooter played very well. Once back home, I finished the hedgehog. It is adorable.

On Saturday, I whipped into Kniterary to show Martina the hedgehog. Just as I pulled into the parking lot, I realized she was having her 'felted pear' class. I had also been to the bead store, 'Bead It!' to buy the beads for the abacus row counter and showed Martina the picture and the beads I had purchased for Valerie to make the bracelet. I hope to go to the knitting guild potluck this Wednesday and the Sit 'n Knit on Thursday.

Today, I baked a birthday cake for Scooter's 14th birthday celebration. His birthday is on Wednesday but we won't see him again until the 21st - the beginning of his Christmas holiday. I made a 2-layer chocolate cake with Reese's Pieces in it with chocolate frosting. It was really good. I'm going to make the same thing for Skip's birthday celebration on Wednesday with more Reese's Pieces. For Skip's birthday, we're going to go to Port Perry and have lunch at "The Front Porch Bistro" and stroll up and down Queen St. window-shopping. We had lunch there a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it so Skip thought that would be a good way to celebrate his birthday.

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