Monday, 10 December 2007

Go Lightly?

Today I dropped into my doctor's office to pick up the pre-colonoscopy instructions. There is a substance that I am required to consume starting the day before the procedure that will 'clean me out' - Klean Prep. An equivalent substance is called 'Go Lightly' - oh brother. It is an over-the-counter medication but if I get a prescription for it I can claim it on my drug plan - which I pay quite a lot for now that I am retired. The doctor wasn't in the office yet so I went to run a couple of errands and investigate the cost of the Klean Prep. If it was only going to cost $10 or so, I wasn't going to bother getting a prescription but the pharmacy I went to quoted me $27. So back I went back to my doctor to get the prescription.

My doctor's hours are 2pm - 5:30pm on Mondays. I arrived at about 2:20pm and sat down in the waiting room along with about 7 other people who were waiting for her, too. After a few minutes, I realized no one was going into the examination rooms and no one was coming out. The doctor hadn't arrived yet! Finally at about 2:50 she arrived - not by the same door we peons come in but by a back door (that way we can't hiss at and berate her) . I was the third person to see her and finally got out of there at 3:15. I am always annoyed at having to wait so long to see her. Even if I book the first appointment in the morning or after lunch, there is no guarantee that she'll show up on time. Fortunately, she travels a lot and her stand-in is really efficient AND punctual. Grrrrr.

I got my prescription and got out of there - went to my local pharmacy, got it filled and came home. Sheesh! A whole afternoon shot. Man, I hate that. One bright shining light in all of this was that I did have some knitting with me during my wait - crazy socks using two different blue colourways of left-over sock yarn and am knitting bands of 10 rows in each colour. I turned the heel at the doctor's office. They pretty much stay in my purse for unexpected delays in my schedule.

Now I'm knitting on the Sirdar Funky Fur Snowman. I'm using a Fun/Funky Fur equivalent (JoAnn Fabrics generic Sensations Cello yarn) and 3 1/4 mm needles. Reading the pattern closer I realized the finished object is supposed to be 19" tall! Sheesh! I don't think I'll be getting it done for this Christmas.

I started a ribbed toque-like hat for Skip last night with the remaining ball of Patons Bohemian yarn. I've had to rip it out three times because I can't seem to get the gauge right. I may or may not get it done for his birthday this Thursday.

Tonight? I'm going to felt the hedgehog. Here are some before shots:

Stay tuned for the 'after' shots...


  1. Go lightly...What were they thinking??? Can't wait to see the finished Hedgehog! I am going to have to find mine to do!

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