Thursday, 13 December 2007

Happy Birthday, Skip!

Today is my husband's (aka 'Skip')'s birthday.

Phone calls have been flooding in. Unfortunately, Skip has gone to visit his mother and is not home to receive them. However, I have been enjoying taking the calls and chatting with family and friends. One friend, Joan, always remembers the day Skip was born because there was a terrible blizzard that day in 1944 and her mother made her trudge through the snow to write her Grade 13 Chemistry exam. Once when Joan, her mother and Skip were in the same room, Skip mentioned this and Joan's mother remembered the incident quite differently - that Joan insisted that she be permitted to go to school that day.

Today we hope to have lunch in Port Perry and stroll down the main street window shopping. That is, unless the blizzard that has been forecast sets in. Whatever the weather, Skip will have a very nice day.

Last night I attended my first meeting of the local knitting guild. It is an eclectic group of ladies including Martina, the proprietor of Kniterary and Stephanie, the proprietor of Ferguson's Wool Shop. A young gal sat beside me and proudly showed off her first completed project, a lovely multicoloured headband with a nice soft wool lining. I was really impressed with the intricacy of it - especially so early in her knitting 'career'. We also watched a segment of a Lucy Neatby DVD outlining a method of grafting a toe using a toe 'chimney'. It's very similar to the Kitchener stitch but just another way of doing it. I like learning different techniques - especially ones I can use in my sock knitting.

I'm almost finished the third hedgehog. I want to finish it to take to the Sit 'n Knit tonight at Kniterary. I will also take the two that are still drying. I gave Skip his birthday scarf - the ribbed scarf with Patons Bohemian chenille yarn in Beatnik Blues. I gave up trying to knit him a matching toque - mostly because I didn't have enough yarn to knit it tightly enough to keep out the wind. So, I'm going to lengthen the scarf another few inches.

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  1. Please relay our heartiest birthday greetings to dear Skip!

    The Georgia Delegation