Wednesday, 26 December 2007

"Let Nothing You Dismay"

Well, it's all over but the leftovers.

Monday, Scooter opened his gifts at about 4pm - his mother was coming at 6 to collect him. He was pleased with all his gifts. I forgot to give him his gift from Lorna so he'll have something else to open when he returns on New Year's Day.

Scooter and his new golf clubs.

After Scooter left, Skip and I went to Norm and Lena's in Scarborough (West Rouge, actually) to enjoy their Swedish Christmas Eve feast - our second Christmas dinner. There are usually several family members and a few friends in attendance.

Pictured are Lena, myself and Marion, Lena's sister-in-law.

We enjoyed glogg (mulled red wine with raisins and almonds), dried Swedish ham, beets and cabbage, an apple salad, Mr. Johansen's Surprise (a potato and fish dish), boiled potatoes, cheeses and rye crisp crackers, Vienna sausage-type sausages, ribs, and for dessert, wonderful rice pudding and lingonberry sauce and caramels. Mmmm. I restrained myself and didn't go for seconds but I sure could have.

Norm and his brother-in-law, Gord.

Christmas morning, Skip and I got up and had a leisurely morning. I put the burning log channel on the TV and we opened our gifts and had breakfast. After lunch, we dropped in at Skip's brother's house and visited with his wife and family. We then dropped in to visit Skip's mother in the nursing home and then drove on to Lorna's for our third (and last!) Christmas dinner of the season with her two kids, Scott and Megan. She served a delicious stuffed turkey,cranberries, scalloped potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli casserole and a delicious raspberry ripple for dessert.

This morning we slept in and after breakfast, Skip went back to bed for a wee nap. After lunch he had another nap. We're not sure if he was hung over after his glass of wine last night but he sure was tired. Today we just puttered around. All in all it was a wonderful series of holiday celebrations.

Tomorrow we go to Ottawa until Sunday. I decided to start the CeCe sweater but am having some 'issues' with gauge. I'm going to re-knit it with needles one size larger. I finished A's socks and will send them next week when we're back home.

They're ribbed and striped with alternating yarns left over from other sock projects.

I need to finish the hedgehog I'm sending his mother. I just need to attach the eyes, stitch the nose and stuff it.

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