Sunday, 16 December 2007

"Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful ..."

Today it is snowing and blowing. Brrrr. I bundled up and braved and went out in this:

and walked over to the postal sub-station and mailed my Christmas cards and picked up some groceries.

Skip spent about an hour snow-blowing out the driveway and sidewalk.

We then cozily holed up in the house and lit a fire. I made a nice roast beef dinner and Skip watched football.

Friday, Skip and I attended a Christmas potluck staff party of the school I used to teach at. It was nice seeing everyone. I sure didn't mind hearing how fresh and well rested I looked either.

Yesterday, we went to a dinner theatre with Skip's golfing buddies. The buffet dinner was very well done and the show, "Sin, Sex and the C. I. A.", very entertaining.

On the knitting front, I decided to re-knit the striped socks on one size larger needles. The first one was just too tight. I've just rounded the heel and I think it'll fit much better. I hope to get them done this week. Then I'll tackle another UFO.

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