Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Another Fine Day

This morning the TV repairer called - the replacement part is in. I told him today wasn't a good day so he's going to call tomorrow. I sure hope he can come over tomorrow. We actually had about 20 minutes when I first turned on the TV today without the flashing warning but it came back...

My new tires are in so Skip will take my car tomorrow to get them put on.

We took the GO train into The Big City today and went right to the theatre to get our exchanged tickets. We did most of the trip in the underground walkway - the PATH. We explored a part neither of us had ever been on and in doing so we discovered another Fit For Life - a wrap/pita place. Yippee!! The show, "Twelve Angry Men" was excellent. I remember studying it in high school and seeing the movie eons ago. The play has been getting rave reviews and I see why. It is very difficult to stage a production with so many characters. The play, of course, is brilliant. However, it is very difficult to keep all 12 characters relevant and their actions meaningful. The didn't miss a beat. Richard Thomas was the headline actor but they all did a fabulous job. AND we made the 4:1opm GO train home.

I'm now knitting the i-cord for the water bottle caddy. If I get it done, I'm going to felt it in a bucket with the plunger I bought for that purpose. I really like the cheap yarn I bought at WalMart. The colours of this colourway are really lovely.

We have decided to go for it and take the trip to the biosphere in El Cielo in Tamaulipas, Mexico while we're in the area. I hope there's still space left on the tour.

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