Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I got a call last week from a gal from a community concert band I used to play in - the Pickering Community Concert Band. Their conductor has taken a leave of absence and I was asked to sub in for him this evening. It went well. Strangely, the two pieces I was hoping they'd be rehearsing were already in their folders. That is a real coincidence considering they must have several hundred pieces in their library. Back when I was in the band from 1990 until 2002, we used to go to Massey's after rehearsal for beers and snacks. My favourite was chips and salsa. Sadly, during the winter Massey's is no longer open week nights after 9pm so I dejectedly came home.

I had an emergency call today from my MIL from the nursing home. The screw holding one of her lenses in her glasses had fallen out and she needed them fixed. It amazes me that a nursing home doesn't have one of those little repair kits - practically every resident wears glasses. So I ran over to the pharmacy and picked up one of the little repair kits and drove over to the nursing home, 3 towns over and fixed her glasses. The roads were clear so it only took me 15 minutes to get there. Then I went for my hair cut. Here 'tis:

I look happy that I'm not so shaggy anymore. :-)

Tomorrow is Scooter's music night in The Big City. He plays cello in the Junior Orchestra. Skip and I will take the GO train in the afternoon and go pick up a watch he's having repaired. Then I'm sure we'll find a lovely place for dinner. It's Scooter's first music night in high school so I'm pretty excited. Also, I'm hoping to see one of the music teachers there with whom I attended university at the centre of all learning in the universe - University of Western Ontario. Scooter has been too shy to tell her his step-mother is one of her former classmates so it'll be a big surprise when she sees me. I sure hope she shows up.

On MaryAnne's blog today, she posted pictures of her son wearing the socks I knit him and holding the hedgehog I mailed them. They have named it 'Spike' and deemed it a female. She also posted a picture of the scarf she is knitting. I think the yarn is gorgeous! She's already completed several rows. She's doing such a good job. Her stitches look so even. I feel like such a knitting missionary sometimes - converting people to all things woolly.

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  1. You are so kind - I don't think my stitches look even at all! Thank goodness for a somewhat small photo, eh?