Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Change of Plans

Whilst looking up information about the Birdwatching Festival we hope to attend in Texas next month, I discovered it has been postponed until next year. Pooh! I did some more research and discovered that there is a big bird and nature conference in McAllen, TX (just a few miles away from Brownsville) scheduled at the same time. The conference doesn't interest us but there is a trip to El Cielo Biosphere Reserve in Tamaulipas, Mexico. It's very expensive but would certainly be a once in a lifetime experience. We're going to sleep on it before we decide whether we'll do it but it would be a shame to not go - we'd be so close.

This morning, Skip took my car to the tire place to see why two of my tires won't hold air. It turns out they're 'burned', which means the sides of them have been worn due to low inflation. They're going to replace them tomorrow and get everything ready for our trip to Texas. He also went next door with the car and got it's yearly undercoating. While he was out, I did my time on the treadmill and got ready to go out.

After Skip got home, I hopped in the car and picked up some subs for the visit with Christine and Nathan.
Nathan is a delightful 9 1/2 month-old with lots of smiles and lots to say - we just don't speak the same language yet. He has 6 teeth.

After lunch I headed out to do some errands. At WalMart I discovered a 100% Australian wool yarn with lots of colours for only $2.97 for a 75g 108m ball! I believe it's manufactured in China.

I had been looking for inexpensive yarn for a felted water bottle caddy project from Universal Yarns. I bought a few balls of the yarn. I need to knit the water bottle caddy with two strands. I also want to knit a multidirectional scarf with it. And here it is before felting and before attaching the strap.

I really like the colours and how they change. I almost got the two strands of yarn aligned at the same spot.

And for the Bunny Thumper Challenge, Ollie's bunny thumper measures 5 1/4".

What the heck is that, you ask? I'm not exactly sure but a fellow blogger (KitKatKnit) is running a contest. People are required to measure their cat's bunny thumper (rear foot) with a ruler in the picture. We always knew Ollie had big feet! Lisa made me do it!

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