Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Houston, We Have A Problem" - Day 4

We left Texarkana this morning in 27F temperatures. Rather than take the Interstates to Corpus Christi we decided to take less travelled roads that are 4 lane highways. It did take us to and around Houston which was a hair-raising experience to our destination, Wharton, TX, (pop. 9300) the birthplace of Dan Rather. At Houston, we drove on the Sam Houston Beltway which is a toll road. The traffic wasn't too bad but the posted speed limit is 70mph (112kph) and when you don't really know where the correct toll lanes are - that's breath-taking! There are 3 EZ tag lanes, 1 correct change ($1.50US) lane and one full service lane. The first time we were headed for the toll booth I was in the far left lane by mistake and had to move over 3 lanes in about 100m distance at 112kph. Thank goodness there was no one behind or beside me to the right. I just reefed on the steering wheel and careened into the correct lane while Skip sat paralyzed in the passenger seat.

A few minutes later we stopped in Richmond, TX to change drivers, I had done the previous 350km and after Houston, was ready for a break. To calm our nerves we went to Target and walked around - ahhh - retail therapy. I bought season one of "Weeds" on DVD which had been recommended by a couple of friends.

About 20 minutes after heading off from Richmond, we arrived in Wharton and checked in at a very clean, newly renovated Super 8. We wanted a room on the ground floor (my gigantic suitcase warrants that) but were told the rooms were still being cleaned (at4pm?) . They were behind in their cleaning as all the maids had quit today. I didn't get much knitting done today - I'm about 8 rows into the Gansey pattern on the second sock.

As we approached Marshall, TX I got all excited as I had seen "Marshall" the movie about the tragic deaths of most of their basketball team and the events that followed, starring Kevin Costner. I took a picture as we entered the community:

When 'google'-ing the movie after we were safely ensconced in the Super 8, I discovered that Marshall University is in Huntington, West Virginia. Oh, well. It made for some excitement during a part of the trip which might normally have been boring. Sigh.

Click HERE for our route today. THIS is how far we still have to go.

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