Tuesday, 8 January 2008

"Havin' a Heat Wave!"

I think there's something to this global warming thing. Yesterday and today we've had record high temperatures: 15C (in the 50s for you non-metric folks). Today it was warmer here than Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Almost all of our snow has melted except for where it was piled quite high due to shovelling.

I did some shopping for my MIL today and picked up a couple of pairs of pants for Scooter who is growing out of pants every month, it seems. I also got the hedgie and socks mailed to MaryAnne and Aidan.

A couple of posts back I mentioned that I had finished the baby feet dishcloth (wash cloth). Here's a picture:

The wee toes are bobbles - where several stitches are knitted into one stitch and then passed over each other.

I found out today the baby shower will be on February 24 - after the birth of the baby and during the time I'm in Texas. Pooh! I guess I'll just give the items to someone to take to the shower for me. I'm sorry I'll be missing it.

I frogged yesterday's attempt at making Aidan's scarf as it was WAY too wide. I have experimented with a different number of cast on stitches and have about 2 feet done on what will be the final product. I'm using yarn I had in my stash in the requested colours: yellow, red, blue, white and purple. I'm using the Zigzag scarf pattern from Iris Schreier's "Modular Knits". I cast on 7 stitches instead of 9 to get the desired width of about 4.5 inches.
There will be quite a few ends to sew in.

I'll make it Aidan's height plus a few inches and will probably put some fringe on it.

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