Saturday, 26 January 2008

An Ollie Update

I called Michelle this morning to see how Ollie was doing. He's still behind the washing machine. However, Michelle did find him in front of her bedroom door at 6:30am. He then skittered down the stairs to the basement. There was also evidence that he had used his litter box. She sounded relieved about that. He hasn't eaten yet. She did note that cats seem to be a lot easier to look after than dogs - they don't require a lot of attention and they don't need to be 'let out'. I told her that if Ollie could feed himself, we would have just left him in the house while we were away.


  1. Poor Ollie - he misses you, too. Since Michelle found him outside her bedroom door this morning, that is probably a good sign that he will acclimated himself.

  2. Glad to hear Ollie turned up!

    Hope you and Fred have a great trip!!