Sunday, 27 January 2008

On The Road - Day 1

We began our epic odyssey to Texas this morning. We finally got on the road at about 9:40am. We didn't oversleep - there are just a million little things to remember to do before taking off on a trip. This is what it looked like this morning as we left home.

Zoom, zoom!

We ate our homemade egg salad wraps at the service centre near Ingersoll, ON. at about 11:30am. By 1:11pm we were in line to clear customs and immigration in Port Huron, MI. As we drove up to the booth, the sun broke out from between the clouds. Ahhhhh! We were through and at our 'comfort stop' by 11:33! We are now ensconced in a lovely Comfort Inn in Marshall, MI., about 600km from home and 30km from the Indiana state line . It is sunny but COLD! Brrr. 27F. tomorrow we hope to make it to Mt. Vernon, IL or beyond where it is supposed to be 45F. Yay! We have about 2600km to go.

Click HERE to see our route today.

I had my first McCafe Latte near Flint, MI today and it was delicious! It cost $2.64US including tax for a medium sized one (12 oz.? 16 oz?). Starbucks should be very, very afraid! McDonalds doesn't serve decaf latte yet but I was assured by the salesperson that 'it's coming'.

And in knitting news, I had been saving the Lighthouse Gansey sock for the trip as it was going to be fairly mindless knitting. Today I finished the heel flap, rounded the heel, decreased for the foot and now have about 3cm done on the foot. I may finish the first sock tonight. I like the ribbed detail on the heel and the garter stitch on each side of the heel flap.

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