Monday, 14 January 2008

The Saga Continues...

(lots of links to pictures today - card reader is being persnickety)

I called the nice people at LG this morning only to learn that all the Canadian tech. support people do is tell me the nearest service centre to call. I called the nice-sounding man at Holdcroft Electronics in Oshawa and he said from the description I gave him and what the tech. support guy told me on the weekend, he was just going to go ahead and order the part he thinks the TV needs and will come over to fix the TV when it comes in. I explained that this needed to be done before the end of next week as we were going to be going away. He thinks the part (circuit board) will take a week to come in. Hopefully by the beginning of next week, we'll have a TV that doesn't cause concern for those with seizure disorders.

Then I sat down to knit more on my CeCe cardigan. It's really fiddly at the beginning (205 stitches cast on) but once I got one repeat of the 8 row lace pattern, I think I have the hang of it. I just hope I don't have to frog it because the yarn overs are a pain to get back on the needles - as are the k2togs and the sl1-k2tog-psso's. I hope to get most of it knit in Texas. I'm also reserving the lighthouse gansey socks for the trip as well. I saw Martina's version of the rainbow socks from MagKnits and will knit those with the Wisdom Yarns San Diego yarn. I'm using the lovely stitch markers and row counter bracelet my sister, Valerie, made me.

When Skip got back from his Tai Chi group, we went to Markham to have 'dim sum' for lunch at our favourite place Lake Tai Restaurant. In the past we've only been able to go on Sundays but now that I'm retired, we can go during the week and it's MUCH less chaotic in the restaurant. For the first time, we had individualized service. One of the servers brought us har gow and shu mai right from the kitchen and later brought us mango pudding when I mentioned I liked it and hadn't seen it on one of the carts. Man, is it ever nice to go there when it's not packed with people! The downside of being out on a Monday is that neither of the three yarn shops I wanted to go to (Mary's Yarns in Unionville, Ferguson's in Myrtle Station and Kniterary in Whitby) were open. Waaaahhhh! Skip jokingly says that is one of the two bad things about being retired - that a lot of businesses are closed on Mondays. The second thing is we don't get holidays any more. Of course we don't say that to our friends who aren't retired yet. They're already sick of hearing how much fun retirement is. We like to bug Scooter about it though. Ha ha.

I'm thinking about what projects I'm going to stockpile for the trip to Texas. I will need mindless things to knit on the road and a couple of things to occupy me while we're having quiet time when we're not galloping around the Rio Grande Valley. So far I'm going to take the lighthouse gansey socks, the rainbow socks, the CeCe cardigan and probably yarn for another pair of Jaywalkers. I wear my Austermann Step Jaywalkers a lot!

I have joined a couple of knitting groups on Yahoo - socknitters, multidirectional knitters, Knitlist and magic loop group. Today someone posted a URL for a gal's blog where she explains how to make very cute needle holders using pencil toppers or finger puppets. It almost makes me want to use dpns again - but not so much I'll actually do it.

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