Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Saga Continues...

The TV guy called me this morning to say he planned to arrive late morning or early afternoon. Skip did a bunch of errands and I stayed home. At 4:30 I called the electronics place and told the owner that the guy hadn't shown up yet. He was very apologetic and had some lame excuse. I thanked him for his apology but told him I had waited at home all day today and that I needed to be the first service call tomorrow as I had plans to leave the house in the late morning. Hopefully he'll show up.

I did more knitting on my CeCe sweater.

The lace pattern is pretty easy,

however I had knit about 5 inches before I realized I was also supposed to be increasing every 12 rows. I decided to keep going and just start increasing at that point. I was going to make the sweater longer anyway. I then located all of the yarn for the project so am all set for our big trip knitting-wise.

I also finished the i-cord for the water bottle caddy and sewed it on.

It's ready for felting.

Here are the projects I'm taking:
1. Lighthouse gansey socks - Trekking XXL
2. Rainbow Socks - San Diego yarn
3. CeCe cardigan - Soffice yarn
4. scarf yarn - pattern as yet undetermined
5. Zigzag scarf - blue/green/yellow merino wool

I hope to find some appropriate yarn for another clapotis. There's some malabrigo that I could use at Kniterary and I just remembered this evening that I have a 30% off coupon. I'm still dithering about what yarn to use.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Anne Marie for lunch. Then I'll swing by the school and drop off the shower gifts for Carrie as I'll be missing the baby shower while I'm away. Hopefully some of my former colleagues will be up for beers afterwards. Skip, Scooter and I are going to the newly opened Mexican food restaurant at Taunton and Gerrard - Mexico Lindo - for supper.

At our Sit 'n Knit tonight, one of our group announced that she got the 'golden handshake' on Tuesday. She's retired!!! She looked very pleased and relieved. Things had been bad at her place of employment with a few people being 'let go' every week. Fortunately she had 34 years of seniority and gets a package which includes 1.5 years of pay and benefits. Woo Hoo! Another happy retiree!

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