Monday, 28 January 2008

Throwed Rolls or Effing Cold in Effinham - Day 2

Last night I slept very little. I could tell I had too much caffeine in my system when I lay in bed and felt like I was buzzing. I pledged to make today caffeine free so that meant water with lunch and dinner and NO coffee - decaf or otherwise.

Click HERE to see today's route.

It was about 27F this morning when we got out and scraped the car off. We got on the road by 7:50m and stopped for lunch at Fishers, IN- a suburb of Indianapolis. We then took the I-469 - a ring road around Indy and then headed WSW towards Terre Haute, IN then on to Effingham, IL, just inside the state line. While zooming around Indy, we came across the biggest cross we had ever seen.

There was nothing really around it.

We then headed southward passing our intended destination of Mt. Vernon, IL and drove another couple of hours to our final destination today - Sikestown, Missouri. About 20 miles from the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. As we headed southward, we could tell it was getting warmer and warmer. We decided to stay at Sikestown, MO where Lambert's Cafe - Home of Throwed Rolls is located.

The portions could feed four. I had meatloaf, corn and baked beans

and Skip had barbequed pork steak, turnip greens and cole slaw.

The beverage came in a 32oz. cup with tons of ice.

A unique feature of the restaurant is that it is the home of 'Throwed Rolls". We saw this on several billboards but didn't know what it meant until we got there. A server comes out of the kitchen with fresh baked rolls on a cart and yells, "Who wants rolls?". People then put there hand up and he whips them at them. They also come around with fried potatoes and onions, black-eyed peas, sorghum molasses and deep fried okra. These are called ''pass arounds" and you just ask them to plop whatever you want on your plate. Even though I 'pushed away' from the table way before eating everything, I am now paying the price with a distended tummy. I sure hope I sleep tonight.

On the sock front, I am decreasing for the toe and will probably finish the first sock tomorrow in fairly short order and will cast on #2 of the pair. Here's a better picture of the garter stitch on each side of the ribbed heel flap:

And here's a closeup:


  1. You are making great progress. I am following your blog religiously. It was well into the 20's today - very pleasant. Sounds like you are getting close to more acceptable weather. Enjoy.. VI

  2. Good grief, that is a SERIOUS amount of food. And I am going to have to try the throwed roll concept at dinner sometime.