Monday, 4 February 2008

Havin' a Heatwave....

We have been having record high temperatures for this area - 28C and over 30C in the 'Upper Valley' farther inland from where we are. The temperature plummets to 20C at night - nice for sleeping with the windows open.

I conked out early last night and had a really good sleep. I think the 5 days of driving has finally caught up to me. Skip went for a long walk on the beach while I was starting to move around this morning and get ready for the day.

Today we did a mammoth laundry at Kwik Wash then went for 'lonche' at Costa del Mar. I had a delicious burger and Skip had the fried fish and shrimp special. We may go back for their "All You Care to Eat" fish special some evening.

Skip dropped me off at the pedicure place and went shopping. I had a nice chat with LaVina, the proprietor of the shop. She also retired last June from a 30 year teaching career as a teacher librarian in a middle school in Los Fresnos, TX , about 1/2 hour drive from SPI. She is very happy with her new career in the beauty industry. Skip and I then went shopping (again) for essentials and some souvenir shirts.

Tonight after dinner we'll watch a couple of episodes of the 'Weeds' first season DVD and see what else is on TV.

My sister, Valerie, is coming for a few days on Saturday. Right now she's visiting her son, Jimmy, and his family in Tampico. They're driving up to Brownsville on Thursday and we'll meet them on Saturday for breakfast and then Valerie will come with us for 4 days. Then she's heading to Houston to visit a friend for a few days before returning to the chilly north.

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